Warriors make enemies. Enemies seek vengeance.

Torant and Laden have settled into a quiet life in a beautiful city by the sea.

It can’t last.

Old friends turn up wanting help finding a lost artifact, a new friend is on the verge of losing everything to a corrupt ruler, and a relentless slayer has been set loose to hunt them across a continent. All before they’ve even finished their drinks.

Soon, danger erupts at every turn, threatening to sweep the two of them away. And just when they think they’re safe, plots of vengeance spring up in the most unexpected places.

Dive into a land of magic, steel, and monsters that one Amazon reviewer called, “a wonderfully rich world” “woven [with] strong characters throughout the story line, taking you on an adventure you won't want to end.”

Tempered by Vengeance is the fourth Cacophony Blade Novel, a series of sword and sorcery tales that follow the adventures of Torant Stone Breaker, Laden Slate, and the Cacophony Blade. Join them today!