Magic swords extract a price, even when you don’t want them.

Torant, the First Stone Warden of Slate, has spent his life upholding the law with his blunt fists. When a scheming sorceress seeks his help, Torant must thwart an insane bandit who wields a unnaturally swift greatsword. After a series of seemingly chance events puts the sword in Torant’s hands, he learns its secret – the sword gives the wielder the strength of the person it killed at the cost of hearing that person’s soul. Now, magically bound to the sword and unable to cast it aside, Torant finds himself trying to unravel a plot against him while an angry soul whispers and screams and laughs in a voice that only Torant can hear. With the help of his life-long friend Laden, Torant fights to keep his oath, his sanity, and his life.

Screams of Steel is the first of the Cacophony Blade novels, a series of stand-alone, sword and sorcery adventures. Dive into a world of fast-paced tales of magic, steel, and monsters in the tradition of Leiber and Moorcock.