Sometimes the only way to stop the voices is to drown them out.

Torant and Laden have become mercenaries so that Torant can make sure that none of the souls in the Cacophony Blade are in the sword, and his head, for long. The two friends find a home in the service of the Dreyf Queen as part of a small unit of devastating, unique fighters. In the frozen mountains of the north, they fight against fierce soldiers, corpse-eating monsters, and even a legendary ice witch until their only route of escape is to destroy a powerful horn that’s kept an entire people trapped for generations. Beset by sorcery and steel without and furious madness within, Torant struggles to keep his friends alive and his mind whole.

Quenched in Fury is the third of the Cacophony Blade novels, a series of stand-alone, sword and sorcery tales that follow the adventures of Torant Stonebreaker, Laden Slate, and the Cacophony Blade. Dive into a fast-paced world of magic, steel, and monsters in the tradition of Leiber and Moorcock.