When a Stone Lord wants to kill you, you can wait to die or strike back.

Easy choice.

Torant Stone Breaker has had it. After the Obsidian Duke sends an assassin to kill him, Torant decides to kill the Stone Lord first. There’s one problem – if he succeeds, the Duke’s soul in the Cacophony Blade will drive Torant mad.

A legendary sorceress sends Torant and Laden after three items they’ll need to take on the Duke. To find them, they’ll have to contend with a blood-thirsty reaper, adder-filled mountains, and immortal hunters, all while saddled with a teenager who knows just enough to get them all killed.

Dive into a land of magic, steel, and monsters that one Amazon reviewer called, “a wonderfully rich world” “woven [with] strong characters throughout the storyline, taking you on an adventure you won't want to end.”

Honed by Pain is the fifth Cacophony Blade Novel, a series of sword and sorcery tales that follow the adventures of Torant Stonebreaker, Laden Slate, and the Cacophony Blade. Join them today!