The only thing worse than a voice in your head is the voice of someone you killed.

Torant bears the Cacophony Blade, an unbreakable magic sword that grants him the strength of those it kills. There’s a price, of course. Now that he’s taken it up, he can’t cast it aside and worse, the soul of the last person it killed can talk to him until the next one takes its place.

Torant has fled the Stone Kingdom in search of a magic sheath that will silence the voices. Accompanied by Laden, his oldest friend, and Cyana, a fearsome woman of the hawk-like Harriers, they seek a temple in the Valley of Abiding Bones. Bone monsters, a hawk god, and a centuries-old wizard prefer that they don’t find it, and even if they do, they still have a pending invasion to deal with. Beset by ambiguous enemies without and scheming voices within, Torant must fight to keep a grip on his sword, his sanity, and his life.

Forged in Madness is the second of the Cacophony Blade novels, a series of stand-alone, sword and sorcery tales that follow the adventures of Torant Stonebreaker, Laden Slate, and the Cacophony Blade. Dive into a fast-paced world of magic, steel, and monsters in the tradition of Leiber and Moorcock.